XYiP Homes strives to make the building process understandable, with forward thinking solutions that simplify the construction process and ultimately delivers a home that is affordable, sustainable and gracious regardless of its size. As an industry, home building is fraught with inefficiencies and characterized by bottom line decisions. At XYiP Homes we maximize the efficiencies with an eye toward the bottom line and the goal of turning what is typically an excruciating experience into one that is pleasurable, leaving behind positive energy instead of high energy bills for the lifetime of the home.


The process begins by either choosing one of our XYiP Home Plans or sending us yours. From there, our Team of Architects, Engineers, Construction Managers, and Developers assist in pricing your home. Then, our engineers provide structural details for the vertical build, as well as mechanical, electrical and plumbing details. Thereafter, a game plan is developed for the erection of the home either by our XYiP Building Team or in conjunction with your building team. Finally, we execute the plan together to deliver the best home available in the market today.

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Building a home does not involve splitting atoms. The industry thrives on chaos and uncertainty. We are different. While each project inevitably faces its own set of challenges (and often ordinances and codes do not follow a logical premise), the solution to those challenges must be rationally communicated. We strive to assist experienced and less experienced clients with the solutions to the challenges in a manner that is intuitive even when the problem itself is not. Development is much like a minefield, and our experience assists in identifying those mines that are commonplace and then solving for those mines that may be unique to your project.


Everyone claims to be “Green.” At XYiP Homes we are all about reducing the carbon footprint. We start by constructing homes with the most insulated wall available on the market today. As a result of our highly insulated light gauge wall, heating and cooling your home is drastically reduced. For example, an average home performs a heating or cooling cycle approximately four times per hour. A XYiP Home, on the other hand, performs one cycle every four hours! By focusing on the building’s envelope, which is typically the area other builders cut costs, XYiP Homes dramatically reduces the “cost to own” compared to other homes. Finally, XYiP Homes seeks to reduce the amount of glue products in the home, recommends against the use of natural gas, and further promotes products that are in line with our philosophy to “Build Better.”